Ordnance Developments Ltd / Belmont Ammunition are proud to be the NZ agent for B&T. For the first time you can now own a B&T firearm, (strict conditions apply) and or suppressor plus any number of available components.

Made in Switzerland B&T is a defense supplier specializing in the design and manufacture of firearms and tactical components such as sound suppressors and rail systems The company is based in Thun, Switzerland. The manufacturing branch specializes in the design and production of firearms, suppressors and modular accessory mounts for a wide array of small arms.

In 2004, Brügger & Thomet started to produce its own line of complete weapons, beginning with a revised variant of the 9mm Steyr TMP known as the MP9 submachine gun, and a civilian semi-automatic model called the TP9. This would later be accompanied by the 7.62mm APR308 sniper rifle and the long-range APR338 version chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum. In 2006, B&T released the GL06 40x46mm grenade launcher, with the APC 9mm submachine gun being released in 2011. B&T is also a parts supplier for many other major manufacturers.

For more detailed information please contact us on 06 3446741 or visit the B&T website for more details www.bt-ag.ch



A FIREARMS LICENCE is required to purchase firearms, firearms parts and ammunition. If you wish to purchase “A” category firearms, please download the mail order firearm form. The completed form, signed or stamped by the NZ Police needs to be provided to Belmont Ammunition before we will ship any “A” category Firearm. To purchase restricted firearm part(s), you must firstly have the appropriate endorsement on your firearms licence, and in some cases you must obtain a Permit to Procure from your local area Arms Officer, no restricted firearms part(s) will be shipped until we have been supplied with the appropriate paper work as/if required. A Completed NZ Police “Permit to Procure” (POL 67C) is required for all Handgun, MSSA and Restricted Purchases. We must have both copies (Original and Applicant) prior to shipping this product. You get this from your local area Arms Officer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR USE OUR STANDARD MAIL ORDER FORM FOR HANDGUNS, MSSA OR OTHER RESTRICTED FIREARMS.