.308 WIN 168gr Open Tip Match Sierra (X-Tac Match)

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Our X-TAC ™ ammunition products are proven performers. We wanted the NEW X-TAC MATCH® to continue that legacy. We combined the incredible performance of our X-TAC ™ ammunition with the world-class ballistics of SIERRA BULLETS® in our .233 Remington and .308 Winchester cartridges. Our match grade bullet in caliber 50 is designed and manufactured by PMC in our very own facilities to ensure the quality and consistent performance you demand. These incredible bullets demand that we create a total package that does not just live up to expectations, but rather, surpasses them. The tremendous team of engineers and shooters at PMC has worked tirelessly to bring you a competition load that raises the bar and allows you to shoot at your potential every time you pull the trigger.

Precision components, powders and manufacturing combined with world-class SIERRA BULLETS® and PMC manufactured match grade bullets make a formidable and winning lineup of competition loads.


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