B&T hunting suppressor Monoblock, calibre 8.3 – 9.4 mm / .330 – .365


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The B&T Monoblock series of hunting suppressors is based on the company’s expert knowledge as the world’s leading suppressor manufacturer for police and military. The suppressors are tailored to the needs of hunters and sport shooters. Besides the known positive effects for shooter health and safety as well as protection of the environment, the hunting suppressor also greatly reduces the recoil of the weapon.


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Article-no. SD-988316-3

Calibre 8.3 – 9.4 mm / .330 – .365
Total length 238 mm
Extending Length 224 mm
Diameter 50 mm
Weight 540 g
Material Aluminium
Color Black, other on request
Treatment anodised
Sound suppression ca. 27 dB (A)
Suppressor connector Interchangeable inserts with thread according to customer specification


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