Rimfire Ammunition

If you are in the sport and want to master your action pistol you will soon learn that shooting a 9mm takes a lot of well directed practice.
To develop your skill you should consider a .22LR rimfire as it provides a good learning environment at a friendly ammo cost.

Our SK Pistol .22LR is the product of years of experience and fine tuning to suit the full range of .22 pistols on the market.
We are featuring the S&W model 22 Victory here but there is a good choice of makes and models at different price points.
With SK Pistol Match in your chosen gun you will expect and get perfect semi-auto function.

We speak to a number of keen pistol shooters who have functioning problems with their chosen rimfire gun.
The .22LR cartridge can be a real pain with stoppages spoiling your shooting experience.

We say the cure is easy, use SK Pistol Match and get rid of annoying stoppages.

Here at Belmont we have had vast experience with .22 rimfire competition, almost 50 years.
This led to the Munich Olympics, two Commonwealth Games and the Worlds at Thun in Switzerland.
Through all of that campaign Lapua/SK-Schoenebeck .22 ammunition has been the trusted partner.

Here is a hard learned tip on .22 Pistol maintenance, a word to the wise!
Get yourself a bronze wire bristle bore brush in .22 calibre set up on a suitable cleaning rod.
Every 200 to 500 shots scrub out the cartridge chamber of your pistols barrel.
If you “do” the rifled bore as well its o.k. but not so critical.
The important thing is to have that chamber absolutely clean and free of combustion products.
Carbon and bullet grease lube build up a ring of gunk in your chamber at the brass case mouth.
Eventually this will interfere with fired case extraction and you get a failure to reload.

The answer to many .22 pistol frustrations is;
“buy SK Pistol Match .22LR and keep your guns chamber scrupulously clean”.

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