Belmont Black .308 150gr SP 250 Rounds



Just added to our Belmont Black product range .308 150gr SP

Sierra 150gr soft point Projectile

Avg Velocity: 2815 fps 250 rounds for $280.00 including GST and delivery

2 reviews for Belmont Black .308 150gr SP 250 Rounds

  1. Brett Lindsay

    Hi Guys ,
    A couple of months a go a mate gave me a couple of samples of your 308 ammo. Unfortunately I have forgotten which loads they are. Can you please tell me which ones they are ? I was bloody impressed with their accuracy in my rifle so I’d like to get more.

    Cheers Tim

  2. Jason Johnstone

    Using this ammo with a bergara HMR B14 with great results. Very accurate and comes at an awesome price. Thanks

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