The .308 ammunition from Belmont Ammunition continues to impress me. Im surprised they are not promoting it!!
Only reason i found out about it is a friend recommended to try it. way it consistently groups great and the ES and SD are always fantastic.
The best part of this is that it’s cheap, cheaper than barnaul steel cased ammo and almost half the cost of other soft points.
Especially good if you buy in bulk and it’s loaded right here in New Zealand.
Loaded with PMC brass that I could sell off to bring the cost down even further.

For hunting this would be the first box i reach for to try down any rifle. I used to reload SSTs but for the price and the soft points perform very well i don’t bother anymore.

Tikka T3 308 with factory barrel ~ 120 rounds down the barrel so not sure if it will speed up a bit more yet.
VX freedom 3-9
Shot off a bi-pod.

4 shots while sighting in the scope. Group was Just over 1″